Position Report

Where are we now?

RYCT Marina [last updated 5 May 2017]

Enjoying a beautiful sunny day in Hobart, our last day here for a while. We've been here since 26 April, completing a project to replace our anchor chain and the box that it is stored in. Replacing the chain is a reasonably major exercise as 100m of 13mm chain weighs upwards of 350kg, but the decision to replace the gal box turned it from an exercise into a project.

We've had a very elegant PVC replacement made by Eagle Plastics, and the engineer has done a lot of clever work with PVC plumbing fittings to create the attachment for the spurling pipe. We've recycled the orignal spurling pipe, but the engineer has added rollers to make the chain move more easily. And while box and chain were out, we removed all the matting that makes a basket for the frequently used section of the chain, cleaned it and the bottom of the locker, touched up the paintwork, and then refitted it all. All complete yesterday, so we have a day to relax and enjoy ourselves before our return to Melbourne tomorrow. [Top]

Where to next?

Back to Melbourne

We're back to Melbourne to move on with autumn/winter projects there. We'll probably return for a few days sometime in mid-winter just to check that all is well with the ship. [Top]

Where were we last?

To Port Davey and back, 6-21 March

Weather in Port Davey was amazing, warm and sunny almost the whole of the eleven days we were there, with only one wet windy day. Each time we go there seem to be more boats than the previous time, and somehow we seemed to have a very social time, with guests for coffee on a number of occasions, drinks on other people's boats, and a couple of shared dinners. When we weren't socialising we swam, kayaked, sailed, and explored places by dinghy. Read all the details in Port Davey, March 2017 and read about our other trips this summer in Summer in Hobart 2017. [Top]

What did we see?

Lots of albatross en route, both going and returning, a glimpse of a dolphin on the way and of a seal on the way back. In Port Davey we saw sea eagles, swans, parrots. And as always, the stunningly beautiful scenery.