Photo albums

Our favourite shots are uploaded into what used to be Picasa Web Albums, now Google Photos. As you look at the various Voyages pages, if you click on one of the thumbnail photos, it will link to the appropriate Google Photos album. (The change from Picasa to Google meant going through every one of the 30 odd webpages changing the links to the dozens of albums, which was tedious in the extreme, but it's done. Let us know if you find any we missed. Also there is no longer a way to provide a single link that will allow you to look at all the pictures of Nahani in one place, unfortunately.)

If you have any photos from trips with us that you'd like to share, please email them so we can add them to the appropriate Google Photos album. If there are lots of pictures, send us an email and we'll give you instructions for uploading them directly yourself.


For those whose knowledge of Tasmanian geography is hazy,we've drawn some maps of our voyages and cruising grounds in Tasmania.