Position Report

Where are we now?

Back in Hobart [last updated 11 December 2018 ]

Woohoo! Here today, here tomorrow, here until the end of the summer. Feeling much more relaxed already. [Top]

Where to next?

Somewhere, under a rainbow...

The weather is beautiful the day we arrive, but the forecast is for rain, so we will probably take it easy for a couple of days. [Top]

Where were we last?

In Hobart for short stays in July, October and November, otherwise Melbourne

During our three stays in Winter and Spring, we embarked on and completed the great Poo Project, installing a SaniLoo which is a micro sewerage treatment plant. You can read all about it in Around Hobart, Summer 2019.

What did we see?

Day 1, when deconstruction has just begun. Click on the image to see the project progress. [Top]