Position Report

Where are we now?

RYCT marina [last updated 28 April 2024]

Back in Melbourne. Just over two weeks since our return, but it seems like forever. [Top]

Where to next?

On the slip in November

We're booked on the slip on the 4 November. [Top]

Where were we last?

Channel and Cygnet with Julie, Tues 26 to Fri 29 Mar 2024

Our last multi-day trip was with Julie. She has sailed with us many times but we hadn't yet taken her to Cygnet, so we headed there, stopping in Alexanders on the way out and at Simpson's Point on the way back. Beautiful weather with a bit of sailing (see below for pictures).

For accounts of all the trips of our twentieth summer in Hobart, see Around Hobart, Summer 2024. All our past voyages are summarised in Voyages. [Top]

What did we see?

Our trip with Julie was particularly lovely and she took some great photos, including a pictures of a pod of dolphins who frolicked past just after sunset when we were anchored in Great Bay, and of seals we saw basking in the Channel. Click on the picture of Nahani below to see the whole album.