Position Report

Where are we now?

RYCT marina [last updated 17 February 2022]

Back in the pen after a week's sailing. We timed our return yesterday morning well - it was unpleasantly windy and gusty late evening yesterday, overnight and this morning, and they're forecasting up to 40kt tomorrow. We have a week ahead of us to get the boat into good shape to leave and to organise to have the hull blasted when we return in March. Today was spent cleaning and doing the washing, interior looks much better already, or it will when it doesn't have drying knickers draped everywhere. [Top]

Where to next?


We're booked on the Spirit next Thursday 25 February, arriving in Melbourne next morning. We'll return to Hobart mid-March, but we haven't actually booked a return trip yet. [Top]

Where were we last?

South Bruny, Cygnet and Dover, North Bruny

We have a lovely week going to all the places we haven't yet been to this year, the Quarries and Mickey's Bay on South Bruny, Dover, Cygnet, the Bruny Island Cheese Factory, finishing with a night in Apollo. We had several good sails, and when we had to motor at least it was because there was no wind, not because we were hacking into a headwind.

As we sail this summer, our voyages will be documented in Around Hobart, Summer 2022. [Top]

What did we see?

We saw dolphin every day we sailed in the south Channel, probably the same quite large pod. They didn't come and play near the boat, so no chance for pictures like the one below from a couple of years back.