Position Report

Where are we now?

Melbourne [last updated 12 October 2019]

Enjoying Spring here, but looking forward to starting our fifteenth summer in Hobart. [Top]

Where to next?


We are booked to sail to Devonport on the Spirit of Tasmania overnight on Saturday 23 November, so we'll be in Hobart around lunchtime on Sunday. [Top]

Where were we last?

On the slip, RYCT Hobart

We have made three trips during the winter, the most recent a 9-day trip to slip the boat. Read about it in Around Hobart, Summer 2020.

For stories of last summer's trips, see Around Hobart, Summer 2019 and Port Davey 2019. [Top]

What did we see?

Link to Google Photos

Lots of craft on the Derwent on a beautifully sunny day for Opening Day.