Position Report

Where are we now?

Back in Melbourne [last updated 1 February 2018 ]

We finish our last trip with friend Julie on Friday. On Saturday we take her to the airport after breakfast at Jackman and McRoss and a walk round Salamanca market, then have our last night dinner with the Blichfeldts. Sunday we pack up in 36 degree heat and drive to catch the SoT. Now we're re-immersed in our Melbourne lives. [Top]

Where to next?

Back to Hobart in March?

We're hoping that the renovation project will proceed smoothly in February and we'll be able to return to Hobart in March. [Top]

Where were we last?

Bruny Island with Julie, 21-26 January

We have a great time introducing Julie to the D'Entrecasteaux Channel. She's an experienced sailor who's sailed in the Mediterranean as well as in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, but she finds Bruny very different, and very lovely. We get in a short sail on the trip down to Quarantine, but it's mostly motoring. The forecast is for a strong southwesterly, so we stay put, with a walk to the Quarantine station in the afternoon. On the way back from the walk we do some impromptu oyster gathering, and have oysters and champagne to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary (see picture, and click on it to see the oysters).

On Tuesday we have a splendid sail down to the Quarries, doing 6+ knots. Wednesday we sail further south to Lighthouse Beach, and go ashore for walk on the Labillardiere peninsula. Not much wind on Thursday, so we motor north again and anchor off the beach for the short walk to the Bruny Island Cheese Factory for afternoon coffee. From there we sail gently back to Little Fancy Bay, where, even at 6pm it is still warm enough for a swim ashore. We are having a particularly warm and sunny summer and enjoying every day of it.

It is windier than forecast overnight and we rock a bit in Little Fancy, but not enough to keep us awake. On Friday we motor sail and motor back up the Channel, finally getting enough breeze to sail up the Derwent. Although conditions are calm the tide is a bit low and it's not our best ever landing in the berth - for the third time we give the fire hose stand a solid sideways push and the lens on our port light unclips and falls. Fortunately the skipper has tied it on with fishing line, so we can just clip it on again - last time it went to the bottom of the harbour. A stiff drink is required before we go out to dinner. [Top]

What did we see?

Seals, dolphin, and an echidna.    [Top]