Around Hobart, Summer 2020

Summer 2020 begins in December 2019, and ends early, at the end of January as we have to return for family reasons, and to prepare for an overseas trip in March.

Off season maintenance - fixing the stern tube leak

Saturday 28 September to Monday 7 October 2019

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We make a couple of short two day visits during the 2019 winter to organise the fixing of a leak in the stern tube seal which is slowly dripping oil on our nice clean floor under the engine. The captain comes on his own in May, and has Spectrum Engineering take a look at the problem to assess whether it can be fixed without moving the engine (yes, it can). While there he revisits the Poo Project, moving the macerator pump closer to the toilet bowl, as it didn't create enough of a vacuum to work the Lavac in its original position. Captain and mate make another brief visit in August when we return from overseas, just to check the boat and to try to find a good time to slip it for the stern tube fix. We succeed in booking a week in October.

We arrive late on Saturday 28 September, have a quiet Sunday getting the boat ready, and we are up on the slip early Monday. Mark the Bilge Rat has the boat cleaned in no time, and as it is a beautiful day, he gets all the antifouling done as well. Meanwhile the captain removes the prop, ready for action on the stern tube. Tuesday is equally productive, Tim from Spectrum succeeds in disconnecting the prop shaft, fixing the seals, connecting up again, and even adjusting the engine mounts as he detects that the shaft is not quite aligned. We have been noticing some vibration, so we hope that this will fix it. Wednesday and Thursday are spent putting the prop back on (non-trivial exercise) and refilling the header tank that feeds the oil into the stern tube. With hindsight, we probably didn't need to drain this, but we did, and the oil is so viscous it takes most of a day to feed it back in with a strange Heath-Robinson contraption of tubes and funnels. Mark touches up the PropSpeed on the prop and we are ready to go back into the water on Friday, but have to wait until Saturday because Friday is Bosun's Day Off.

We are in the water early Saturday and refuel on the way back to the berth. Now we are free to enjoy ourselves for the remaining three days. On Saturday we go out on Alan Perkins' Masterpiece for the annual Opening Day for all the yacht clubs on the Derwent. It's a beautiful day, there are lovely yachts everywhere, and we are zooming around at about 25kt, when not anchored having a delicious lunch or afternoon tea. We are back in time to go to the ANAM concerto competition final with the TSO - three very polished performances by the ANAM students. On Sunday we dine with Diana, on Monday we lunch with the Blichfeldts, who are just back from Queensland. We do enjoy our Hobart social life. It's almost a wrench when we leave to catch the plane back to Melbourne late Monday night. [Top]

Christmas and New Year in the Marina

Wednesday 18 December 2019 to Wednesday 8 January 2020

We have to delay our coming to Hobart, originally planned for 23 November because the car requires a complete engine replacement. It is Tuesday 17 December before we drive aboard the Spirit of Tasmania and cross Bass Strait. Friends Don and Carroll are in Launceston, and follow us down the highway to Hobart to join us aboard Nahani. In the week or so following, we celebrate Nahani's 20th birthday with a drinks party aboard, celebrate Julafen at the Blichfeldts on Christmas Eve, enjoy a Christmas Lunch at Kaoota in Susie's splendid new house, catch up with many friends on and off the Marina, provision the boat, buy Christmas presents, ready the boat for summer sailing.

Plans to go out after seeing the Sydney-Hobart start are shelved when the Captain goes down with flu. We watch most of the contenders sail up the Derwent over the next week from the comfort of the cockpit, where we get a very good view of the river. We have a quiet New Year's Eve because the Captain still isn't up to going out, enjoy our perfect view of the fireworks. Carroll and Don leave on New Year's Day, at which point the Captain starts to really improve but the mate goes down with whatever it is. We have a low-key week trying to get well before David comes, but once we are no longer infectious we collect David and Sandra from the airport and eat with them in club on Tuesday, and then lunch with Anne and Tom on Wednesday. [Top]

Down the Channel with David

Thursday 9 January to Friday 17 January 2020

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We pick up David from the airport on Wednesday afternoon, and finally exit the berth for a sail on Thursday. We have a perfect day, sailing all the way from the Garrow to the mouth of Barnes Bay. We pick up a mooring in Quarantine and go oyster-gathering in time to eat them for starters. Friday and Saturday are both strong wind days - we spend one in Quarantine, and one in Sykes when the wind goes to the south. On Sunday morning we return to Quarantine and spend the afternoon at the Quarantine Station, before another oyster-gathering exercise. Monday is sunny without much wind, so we sail a bit but motor most of the way as we leave Barnes Bay and head southward. The wind picks up as we pass Huon Island, and we sail the rest of the way in a rising southerly. There are so many boats in Cygnet these days that it is hard to find a safe anchoring spot in any condition, and much harder in a strong southerly, so we chicken out and motor back to Copper Alley Bay where we anchor in the shelter of the southern shore for a very comfortable night.

We walk into Cygnet for lunch on Tuesday and enjoy watching the Port Cygnet Sailing Club Twilight Race in the evening. David and the Captain go ashore for dinner at the Club, while the mate does some practice. We leave Cygnet in very hazy conditions on Wednesday, and motor most of the way to Ford Bay, where we have a near disaster trying to pick up a mooring. Nahani swings away from the buoy in the wind as the captain picks up the mooring rope. He can't hold her, and has to drop the boathook. On the second try we manage to retrieve the boathook using a net, and on the third try we finally pick up the mooring. We are quite pleased that this has delayed our trip ashore to the Bruny Island Cheese Factory, as it is still quite crowded when we get there, but we don't have to queue for a table. We enjoy cheese and beer, return to Nahani and motor back to Barnes Bay where we anchor in Alexanders for a change. Anchoring is tricky as the wind is coming from the north and east, but a strong south-westerly change is forecast. We finally settle in a spot where we will be OK in both wind conditions and have a light tea after eating well at the cheese factory. The forecast rain and wind come in overnight, with thunderstorms in the morning, so we stay put all Thursday. The cook makes Anzac biscuits and cooks a roast to warm up the boat as it is definitely chilly. On Friday we motor sail back to the RYCT in a fairly gentle southerly, lunching en route, and arriving mid-afternoon, with time for a rest before dinner at the Club. [Top]